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Vision and Mission



Methodist College Colombo 3, a Christian Methodist school, will provide a quality education in a Christian environment, offering a solid foundation for life through primary and secondary education to every student from Grade 1 Grade13.



Our purpose is to establish within each student biblical values and principles for living, and to provide each child with an excellent education that enables maturity to personalities of high integrity, competence and compassion. The school recognizes that parents are most accountable before God for the nurture of their children in the way of the Lord. Therefore the school functions as an extension of the home, with a child’s home, church, and school acting as partners in helping the student to grow in discipleship and establish her ability to centre all relationships and lifestyle on obedience to God’s Word. The training of students at Methodist College will ensure that every aspect of learning, including understanding, Decision Making, and serving, is an extension of Christian Values.
In the Context of her multi-ethnic, Multi-religious student population, the school will build Citizens who are able to craft secular solutions to the world’s problems. Students will be able to both tolerate and embrace secular values that they perceive as beings no threat to their core religious beliefs and doctrines. We believe there are no sets of values that are purely secular. Therefore against the backdrop of a Christian institution, students’ individual spiritual needs will be met at Methodist College, inculcating values such as inward purity, fairness, tolerance, and social justice.